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Ta-Ta Towel

Modal Luxury Ta-Ta Towel in Rose Quartz

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A perfect bright and airy Spring Collection! Don't let your boob sweat stop you from the beauty of Spring and Summer!  The Ta-Ta Towel keeps them high and dry.  Perfect to lounge in, sit by the pool, and getting ready in with out sweat dripping down. 

Erin, the inventor searches high and low for the softest fabrics she can find - because our "girls" deserve the best!

Size Guide

Please see photo for sizing chart.

Fiber Content

Liner: 100% Modal

Terrycloth: 80% Siro Micro Modal and 20% Polly

Care Instructions

To keep your Ta-Ta Towel in the best condition it is suggested to hand wash with a delicate soap such as Soak Wash

WARNING: Ta-Ta Towels are a halter-style lounge bra that goes around the back of your neck. If you have any neck issues or discomfort when wearing halter-style type apparel then we suggest not purchasing a Ta-Ta Towel. 

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