Have a Fuller Bust? This is what to look for in a Bra

It is no secret that a good bra makes your clothes look good and it feels better throughout the day, but did you know that having a well fitted bra also helps with long term back problems and minimises chest and shoulder pain? For women with larger busts, a properly fitted bra can alleviate long term back, neck and shoulder issues.

Did you also know that most full busted women wear ill fitting bras everyday? 

Here are 4 tips on how to find the perfect bra for a fuller bust:

The back is the most important for the support!

Yes, that’s right. For support, the cups are not as important as the back of the bra. Most of the support comes from the shape and size of the back of the bra. As a result, it's a good idea to invest in a bra with a wide and firm back and wide sides. The hook and eye fastening on the back should have at least three vertical hooks. For maximum support, the bra should be snug around the body but not so tight that it is uncomfortable or leaves marks. The support is distributed over a larger area when the back is wider and the bra cuts in less. 

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Not all bras are the same!

A full cup is best for a bigger bust because it catches the entire bust and reduces the opportunity for spillage or discomfort, especially when sitting or leaning forward. So, go for a full cup for a secure and comfortable feeling throughout the day. Even more important is the material. After wearing a cup made of a firm material with a hard underwire for a while, the weight of the bust does not stretch the material. It is not necessary for a firm material to be completely firm, but it should not be stretchy in both directions. We highly recommend the Dionne Python Print Bra.

Wonderfull Full Cup Bra - DeBra's

Understand the lift and support of the cup!

The under-cup of some cups has separate lift assistance to help raise the bust. It's a padded panel or strip that runs along under the cup to keep the cup from sagging downwards as the bust moves. Lift and support are not the same things. Support refers to how tightly the bra is held against the body, resulting in less 'wobble' when you walk. Lift indicates that the bust is raised up to create a nice shape and does not rest against your stomach, making you warm and uncomfortable. A bra with side support is a good choice if you have a large bust or if your breasts are widely separated and you want to gather them together by lifting them towards the centre.

Don't forget about the straps for your shoulders!

Although the band from around the back is mainly responsible for keeping the blouse in spot, the shoulder straps are also essential, even if their primary purpose is to maintain the cups against the chest. 

The shoulder straps provide approximately more than twenty percent of the support provided by the bra. Pick wide straps to relieve your shoulders if you have a large bust. Check out the Dionne Python Print Bra.

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