How I Learned That a Great Fitting Bra Does Exist!

I was afraid to wear a bra!

I was afraid to wear a bra when I began to grow breasts. After all no one else I knew was wearing one! Fast forward through the years of straps falling, lack of support for my full bust plus size body, wires poking and breaking - I just thought it was the way it was.  

In 2009 I began a search for a bra for my wedding dress foundation. As a full cup and plus size women this proved to be more difficult than I had thought it would be! I eventually found amazing boutiques with amazing women who fitted me!  When I say my life was forever changed, I really do mean it!  No longer did I have to struggle every day for my bra to not feel like a death trap.

Bra Fitting Expert in Markham Ontario Dances with a Mannequin

A new way to shop for Bras

There was still something missing- convenience.

So I set out to open a boutique run from my home. Offering fittings in three different ways to suit your needs.

  • Mobile fittings where you receive the bra fitting in your home with a rack of bras curated for you to try on (this service is no longer available.)
  • Coming to my home where the entire inventory is available (edit: in May 2022 I opened my first store front in Markham, Ontario where all in person shopping now takes place.)
  • Virtually for when in boutique shopping is not the best option for you!
  • And if none of these are for you, there is always the website to shop on at your convenience

And like our bodies and the world around us is always changing we have changed over the last 5 years.  Personally we've gone from a family of 4 to a family of 5, and or newest change being closing our first store to move to Canada.  Once in Canada I opened in my basement until an amazing store location was found and am now open in Markham, Ontario. 

Moving countries and opening a store during a pandemic has been interesting, But the best thing has been that Canada has welcomed me with open arms and the best thing about being a bra fitter is meeting the wonderful women who need the bras!  The conversation, the connection, and the trust is the best part of it all!