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A Fun Trick I Learned When Opening the Bra Fitting Boutique

I know mornings can be tough no matter what stage in life you are, because life is life!  Whether you are a tired mom, working on a project that has you up late working way past work hours, worrying about a friend, or loved one has you sleepless, when that morning light arrives and alarms blare sometimes the last thing you want to do is care which bra and other undergarments you are going to wear that day! 

I definitely understand and some days even I, a Bra Fitting Lingerie Store owner give little thought into what I put on because I am just trying to move my body, so I don’t crawl back in bed and throw the covers over my head! Then there are the rare days that I wear white. But now, by second nature I always grab a certain bra.  White is a rarity for me not because I don’t like the clean and crisp look of white but because I am a natural clutz!  While I’d like to blame it on my kids, most of the time I spill something on me before they even have a chance to! 

In 2016 when I was preparing to open my bra fitting boutique, I went to my first ever trade show. It was so amazing and overwhelming all at the same time! I went to both Curve Las Vegas and New York all within a week and half. It was the first time I had ever really been away from my kids. They were 4 and 2 at the time and man was that tough! Everyone was so kind at the shows, and I soaked up as much information as possible!  One thing that I learned was the magic of wearing a red bra under white.  I was at the Marlies Dekkers booth meeting with the brand reps who explained that red can be worn under white with out being seen.  And to be truthful I really did not believe them!  I initially thought that it was not true and that they were just saying that to get me to buy all the red bras (my apologies Sara and Bill!)


I got back to the hotel room that night and as always sought out my trusted friend, Google. Sure enough, they were telling me the truth!  You are probably thinking the same thing I was, “how is that even possible?”  So, there are some caveats, the material of the shirt or dress needs to be of regular thickness and if you are super light/pale in may not work for you, it also works best with a red that has a blue undertone. But, for most the red will blend into the skin and become a neutral color and therefore, not show under the white! It is the same reason why we tend to wear bras on the beige and brown colour spectrum under white vs actually wearing white under white.  Wearing a bra close to the tone of your skin allows it to blend in and not show through your white shirt or dress. A white bra on the other hand stands out on your skin and is then can be seen through the shirt or dress.

Owner Pinned Up Bra Lounge wearing a red bra under white shirt

So, when you need a little pick me up in the morning grab that red bra and white shirt. It may not seem like much but it’s the little things that help perk up that rushed morning routine. Don't have a red bra? Book a bra fitting and check out the options we have such as Dionne in Fierry Red.

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