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Lets Talk Sweat, Baby!

Sweat happens and sometimes it happens because we are working towards a goal such as a work out. But, a lot of the time time it happens during very inconvenient times such as when trying to get ready for the day but the bathroom is hot and steamy.

Night sweats happen for many reasons such as a hot humid summer night like it is currently here in southern Ontario, Canada. Or other reasons that are often glossed over because we don’t like to talk about those things that make us uncomfortable such as menopause, a chronic medical condition like thyroid issues, or a diagnosis of cancer.

Sleep is important for us to feel good and to function at our best. When your sleep is being interrupted because of night sweats it feels like nothing will help. Turning on the air conditioner doesn’t always help and may disturb the sleep of others in the house when it becomes too cold for them and it can actually have the chills because of the water from the sweat sitting on your skin. So often we suffer in silence and toss and turn through the night hoping the entire pot of coffee will offer some support to make it through the day. But then its night again and the same cycle happens over and over again affecting all areas of your life. To help combat night sweats I recommend Lusomé Sleepwear. Lusomé uses an innovative fabric called Xirotex™ which quickly pulls the moisture away through the fabric to the surface, where exposed to air there is rapid evaporation. Xirotex™ has been proven to in lab test to eliminate moisture and bacteria from the skin surface better than other brands.  

Lusome Erin Nightgown in Nior available XS to 3XL

Boob and butt sweat during the day is not fun either. These also happen for many reasons such as being full busted and not having a bra that can lift your bust up, the weather, a work out, stress and anxiety, or when trying to get ready in the morning in a hot steamy bathroom. 

If you are full bust I definitely recommend coming in for bra fitting for a bra that can lift, separate and support your bust. One of my favourites is the Chi Chi Bra from Sculptrese.

Chi Chi Bra from Sculptrese.

For boob sweat during your workout I recommend a good sports bra such as Anita or Panache which will help wick the sweat away. If you are doing a low intensity work out, Simone Perele Harmony bra is a great choice as it has terry cloth at the underband to soak up the sweat.

Simone Perele Harmony Sports Bra

The original Ta-Ta Towel and their new Toob Top for smaller busts was created because of boob sweat while trying to get ready for a date.These are perfect to hang on a hook in your bathroom and throw on after your shower while you are getting ready. It will keep your breast dry while you blow dry and style your hair and do your make up. They are also perfect for just lounging around the house or even to sleep in. 

The original patented Ta-Ta Towel only available at Pinned Up Bra Lounge for Canada

For the dreaded butt sweat that we all hate to talk about and may avoid doing certain activities for fear of embarrassment I recommend the Anita sports panties.  These are great during a workout but also are super comfortable to wear as an everyday panty (I do often). They keep you cool and wick away moisture.


Anita Sports Panty

When I became a bra fitter I never imagined I would come upon solutions for helping curb sweat problems. Over the last six years as I have been fortunate enough to fit many women and hear what solutions they are looking for I’ve set out to try to help you find those solutions. I hope some of these solutions help you solve your sweat worries so you can go out and conquer with out sweat getting in your way!

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