Pleated V-Neck Available in XL to 3X Plus Sizes in Markham Ontario Canada

Why adding Plus Size Clothing to Our Bra Fitting Options Is Important

Pinned Up Bra Lounge is known for bras that knows no size limit and in keeping with this mission we are adding Plus Size Clothing to our store. It is time to embrace and flaunt your beautiful curves in all items you choose to wear from your undergarments to outerwear. While I started to add quality plus size women’s clothing to the store late last year I’m finally sitting down to write about it. Here I’d like to share why I believe this can make a difference for our customers and community!

Businesses are often created when there is a struggle in finding the service or product. Pinned Up Bra Lounge was originally created out of the frustration of not being able to find a bra that fit, was comfortable, and was beautiful and sexy. Over the years of fitting thousands of women the pain of not only shopping for bras but for clothing in general is often brought up in the fitting room. And for Plus Size Women the struggle was even harder as the selection and stores carrying stylish and on trend Plus Size Clothing are minimal. Through these discussions and my own experience of being a plus size woman it appeared that the solution to reducing the struggle was to bring more options in Plus Size Fashions to Pinned Up Bra Lounge.

Plus Size women wearing Chi Chi Balconet Bra shopping for plus size clothing

Often time plus size clothing at some stores seems to feel as if is an after thought and not on trend. With over half of the population being size 14 and up this just does not make sense. Our bodies deserve to have clothing that fits, is comfortable, beautiful and on trend with current fashions. So just as Pinned Up Bra Lounge is known for stocking a great fitting bras in over 180 sizes, different styles and to meet different needs, the focus on the clothing brought in will be of great quality, fit your curves and current fashion.

Don't just take our word for it – here's what some of our amazing customers have said about being able to shop for plus size outfits have said:

  • "I came to be fitted for a bra as it was the only store I could find that carried my size and was overtaken by excitement when I came in and was able to purchase a fashionable outfit that hugged my curves in all the right places!”
  • “I’m no longer in the phase of my life of squeezing myself into clothing that does not fit. So, when I came across a local boutique that carries not only bras that fit but clothing that goes beyond the standard Large or the rare XL but seeing multiple items in 2X, 3X, and 4X I instantly fell I love! This is my new favourite spot to shop for my clothing needs!

Plus Size Women Wearing a Grey Sweater Available at Pinned Up Bra Lounge in Markham Ontario

We're excited about being able to offer plus size clothing to help you celebrate your style, confidence and self love and we hope you are too! We look forward to helping make plus size fashion more accessible because our curves are beautiful! Head over to our clothing collection or stop by the store front to shop all the different options. We hope you’ll enjoy the freedom to find something you truly love!


Plus Size women wearing Faux Leather Pants in Black from Dex Plus available at Pinned Up Bra Lounge in Markham Ontario Canada
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