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The Best Bra Fitting in Canada

As we all know, all breasts are different - different shapes, different sizes, different densities and different weights. Smaller busted women have the issue of finding a bra that sits comfortably on their chest without any gaping, and larger busted women have the issue of finding bras that can adequately support the heavier breasts. A properly fitted bra not only makes women look and feel amazing, but can also correct posture and relieve back pain. A great bra can give you a little confidence push everyday. It has the potential to completely transform your day, simply by being the last thing you need to worry about. 

When you buy a bra off-the-shelf, most of the time, it’s the wrong one. In Canada, merely 20% of women actually get fitted for their shape. At The Pinned Up Bra Lounge in Ontario Canada, we spend one on one time with you to completely understand your body and recommend the perfect bra for you. 

Because who wants to wear an uncomfortable bra all day long?

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So, who exactly am I?

I’m Lisa and I own Pinned Up Bra Lounge in Maple (Ontario, Canada). In 2009 I began a search for a bra for my wedding dress foundation. As a full cup and plus size women this proved to be more difficult than I had thought it would be! So, I set out to open a boutique run from my home. Offering fittings in three different ways to suit customer needs.

  • Mobile fittings where you receive the bra fitting in your home with a rack of bras curated for you to try on (this service is no longer offered)
  • Coming to my home where the entire inventory is available (edit: In May 2022 I opened my first store front in Markham, Ontario where all in person shopping now takes place.)
  • Virtually for when in boutique shopping is not the best option for you!
  • And if none of these are for you, there is always the website to shop on at your convenience. We ship all over Canada.

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What makes me the “expert” in bras?

At Pinned Up Bra Lounge, not only do I know how to fit bras correctly, I have learnt over several years why fitting is critical, and come to truly understand what the ‘Perfect Fit’ actually means! Bra fitting can be difficult, and so much to keep in mind to ensure that I get it right for my customers. I have worked with women and bras for many years and I love that I can now do this from my place in Maple, Ontario. Making women feel good is my passion. 

What to expect if this is your first ever fitting

I totally understand that your first bra fitting can be a daunting experience! But it’s not as scary as it seems – I promise! When dealing with girls or women coming in for their first fitting, I always begin by introducing myself and explaining exactly what a fitting entails. When we’re completing the fitting, I explain to them what I’m looking at (for example, why this bra doesn’t quite fit right/where the wire is supposed to sit and so on), so they can feel empowered to monitor their bra fit at home. From there, I give them as much time as needed to answer their questions (remember - there are no ‘silly’ questions here!).

This is why I think this is the best bra fitting in Canada

Every day I have the pleasure of seeing the look on my customers’ faces after fitting them into the correct size, and that “wow, I feel amazing” look is my favourite thing about my job. I have never met a bust I couldn’t fit! Even if I don’t have the right bra in store, I know exactly where to order it. You will never leave feeling disappointed. 

One of my favourite fittings was a lady who drove 6 hours to see me in Ontario. We had a wonderful chat and I got to select some beautiful bras for her shape. 

Where can you find me?

Ideally, I would love to fit every woman in Canada, but I’m based in Maple, Ontario. 

So, if you’re close by, send me an email so I can book you in!

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