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The Best Bra for a Small Bust

A common myth about bras is that only women with larger breasts find it hard to find the perfect one. Finding the perfect bra is as difficult for women with smaller busts.  

A well-fitting bra which is comfortable, beautiful, and supportive is not easy to find! So, what are the best bras for a small bust? Which ones should you choose for you? 

It's hard not to be overwhelmed by the number of options available shopping for bras. Firstly, consider what exactly you want your bra to do. Do you want to add a little more shape, lift and padding? Or do you just want a great everyday option that's super supportive and looks seamless underneath your clothes?

You must also understand what kind of breasts you have. It’s not as straightforward as you may think! If your breasts are uneven or have lost their shape over time, you may need a specific bra that will shape your breasts or even give them a little lift. 

Here are the best types of bras for smaller busts:

1-   Tank Bralette:

The bralette is the most comfortable bra by far. A cotton bralette is a perfect choice if you are looking for something that is a physical definition of comfort. The cotton makes the bralette very breathable and hence makes it a practical and logical choice for the summers. During the hottest days, if you wish to wear a bra then the cotton bralette is the best one for you. The bralette is best for daily wear and especially if you’re working from home!

tank bralette

2-   Push up Bras:

If you need some lift and a little zjushing up of your bra collection, it’s a great idea to invest in a push up bra. The push-up bra provides you with additional shaping. As the name suggests, the bra lifts your bust, sometimes by up to 2 cup sizes. This bra can be used inside your dresses and tops. The bra also provides the support that you want. The downside is that it is not ideal for everyday wear. 

push up bra

3-   T-shirt Bras:

T-shirt bras are another type of bra that is great for smaller busts. The bra provides ample coverage and at the same time makes you feel comfortable (with no spillage!). The bra keeps the bust firm and in shape and can be worn under your regular t-shirts and tops. 

tshirt bra

4-   Demi Cup Bras:

The demi-cup bras are bras that are designed and made for smaller busts. The demi-cup bras are a version of a push-up bra, but the demi-cup bras have less padding than regular push-up bras. The bras are designed with comfortable straps which don’t dig into your shoulder. The bras give your bust a beautiful shape, by slightly lifting them, but not pushing them together like a regular padded push-up bra. These demi-cup bras can be used for your everyday use and hence become one of the best choices for daily wear bras for smaller busts.

Finding a perfect bra for a small bust can be very difficult, but there are some wonderful options to make you feel great. 


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