Why All Women Should Get A Professional Bra Fitting

By my own definition, a bra fitting occurs when an expert, otherwise known as a professional bra fitter, determines your bra size, solves your bra issues, and offers new bras based on the size, shape, depth, and placement of your breast tissue. Any woman can get a professional bra fitting and at Pinned Up Bra Lounge, we do it for $15. 

Why is it important for proper bra fittings?

Bras that are properly fitted can help women feel more confident, reduce premature breast sagging, reduce deep creases around the chest, and prevent future back health problems. The majority of women are actually unknowingly wearing the incorrect bra size, which is not only uncomfortable, but terrible for back and posture in the future. Even though bras can be labeled with standardised sizing, the same size in one brand may differ in another, making it harder to find a perfect fit that offers adequate support. So, it is critical to get a bra properly fitted to your size and shape. Here are the main benefits:

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It enhances your posture

Your posture improves when you wear the right type of bra. Due to the obvious support that your chest receives, your shoulders are no longer slumped and your back is linear. It also doesn't cinch or add extra layers where they aren't needed.

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No fiddling or adjusting throughout the day

We have all experienced a bra where we need to lift, straighten and adjust it throughout the day. It is annoying and tedious. The solution, of course, is to have a bra that is tailored to your shape and holds everything in place no matter what you’re doing.

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Your neck won’t hurt

If you have a larger bust, a very common issue is neck and back pain. The continuous use of an ill fitted, non-supporting bra can lead to significant long term neck problems.  A properly fitted bra can actually help to alleviate pain by supporting and lifting your bust. 

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It’s the secret sauce of any outfit

It is said that no outfit is complete without a proper bra, and this is 100% true. If you are wearing the right bra, it can mean that your outfit sits better on your body and you also feel so much more confident. Who wants to be tugging and pulling at their bra or top all night? 

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It Benefits Your Health in the Long Term

Ongoing and persistent back pain, skin irritation, and chest pain can all be reduced by wearing a good bra that perfectly fits your body. This is particularly important for women who have a bigger bust. The perfect bra can be extremely beneficial to your long term skin and muscle health. 

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