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Virtual Bra Fitting

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Are you wanting a great fitting bra? Virtual fittings is a great option for anyone who for whatever reason does not want or is unable to book an in boutique fitting appointment or walk-in to the boutique.  

What to expect for your virtual fitting:

1. You will receive an email after booking a link for your fitting session.  You will need a cell phone, laptop, tablet that has a camera available.  Your fitter will be the only person in the room where the computer camera is active for your privacy

2. Ideally it is great if you have your own sewing measuring tape on hand and your fitter will walk you through how to get your measurements.  If you don't have a flexible measuring tape a regular metal measuring tape can be used in combination with a string or cord that is long enough to wrap around your bust.  

3. Your fitter will provide you with selections to chose for purchase based on your measurements as well as how your current bra fits (measuring is a starting point that is taken in consideration with density, shape, where your breasts sit on your chest, etc.)

4. Your purchased selections will be sent to you.  Once you have you purchased items a follow up fitting session can be booked if you have any additional questions about fit.


Please provide at least 12 hours notice if you need to cancel your virtual fitting.  If cancelled with less than 12 hours the booking fee will not be refunded.