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Minnie Wash Basin/ Gift Basket

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What is it: This bright little helper likes to focus on the small stuff: masks, bras and swimsuits fit just right in her compact shape. Hand wash in style with this small but mighty Soak system. Use along with your favorite Soak Delicate Wash scent to wash all of your delicates (bras, lingerie, masks, sweaters, crotched items and more!) 

It also makes a great gift basket (who doesn't love it when something can pull double and triple duty!  Use it as a gift basket, then it can be used as a wash basin, out in the garden, can be used at parties to hold ice and cold drinks, help you haul items from the car to the beach during the summer, and even a baby doll bath tub (my 1 year old's favourite use for it!)


  • fade resistant, frost resistant, UV resistant
  • child-safe, food safe
  • unique beveled edges for easy pouring
  • Dimensions: 12” (30cm) wide x 4” (10cm) tall

Capacity: 5 Liters / 1.3 US Gallons