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Ta-Ta Towel

Ta-Ta Towel Toob Top in Golden Hour (Final Sale)

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Have you’ve always wanted the original Ta-Ta Towel but are one of our smaller b(r)e(a)st friends? We’ve got the answer in the new Toob Top!

The Toob Top Towels are reversible and made with the same luxury modal fabrics as their older sis, the Ta-Ta Towel.

And because us women love options you can 

  • Wear the terry side in for those hotter moments, straight out of the shower or post-workout. 
  • Or if you just want a soft cozy squeeze, reverse it. The decision is yours!

Fiber Content

Green Liner: 100% Modal

Green Terrycloth: 80% Siro Micro Modal and 20% Polly

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