Collection: Book A Fitting

We are located at 227 Main St North, Markham, Ontario 

While booking an a bra fitting appointment is not required some find it helpful and it ensures fitting room availability during busy times.   

If you are tired of your bra straps falling, your wires poking you, lack of support, lift and projection its time for a bra fitting!

Come to the boutique and get fitted by a Certified Bra Fitter.  Currently stocking 28 to 50 band and A to O cups).  If you are looking for a piece to wear under a certain shirt or dress we suggest bringing it with you.  If you are unable to bring the item with you a picture (front and back) of you wearing it is second best.  

If we don't have your chosen bra in your size in stock, we can place a special order for you at no additional cost. As we grow additional sizes will be added to inventory.  

If you need a time that is not showing as available, please email  


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